School Programme

The School Programme is defined in law as the activities of the school which are paid for by the School Fees charged by the school.

The School Programme includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • the academic programme of the school
  • extra-mural activities offered as part of the school’s sports, services, music groups or societies
  • tours, outings or activities related to the academic programme of the school
  • leadership-related activities offered as part of the school’s leadership programme
  • Dialogue Days, guest speakers and related workshops during the school day
  • provision of iPad devices to learners in Grade 8 – 10 (2021)

The following are not considered part of the school programme, and may attract additional costs (this list should not be considered to be exhaustive):

  • school & sports uniform items
  • stationery, requirements may vary according to subject choice
  • certain textbooks, not supplied by the WCED
  • additional subjects, not offered as part of the ordinary school day
  • additional or extra-curricular music lessons
  • all cultural, sporting or leisure outings or tours which are not compulsory
  • the Matric Dance

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