From the Principal's Desk

The school’s picturesque setting, with Table Mountain as a backdrop creates an environment for creative and individual learning.  We strive to inculcate our core values in all that we do with particular attention to our school’s respect code.

Our staff embrace new teaching and learning techniques, and also prioritise the well-being of our students.

We strive to create opportunities for each learner to develop their individual strengths and leadership skills. This is particularly evident in the many arts, music, sports and cultural opportunities that we offer. Our mentor system ensures that each new learner has an older confidant amongst the student body. The values and skills that our pupils learn at Rustenburg Girls’ High School enable them to move into our changing world with confidence.

Open dialogue is encouraged to ensure there is a platform for learners to introduce innovative ideas or suggestions for positive change. A walk around the school will quickly allow you to experience the diverse, happy, vibrant and positive learning environment where learners can thrive.

It is such a privilege to work with such motivated and dedicated staff and learners.

Michael Gates