Rustenburg Girls’ High School is a fee-paying Government school that is partly funded by the Western Cape Education Department. School and hostel fees are reviewed and adjusted annually by the School Governing Body.

School Fees

The 2022 school fees are set as follows:

  • R59 000 per annum for Grade 8 (includes R3000 iPad pre-payment)
  • R56 000 per annum for Grade 9
  • R54 963 per annum for Grade 10
  • R53 387 per annum for Grade 11
  • R53 000 per annum for Grade 12

No reductions are offered for siblings attending the school.  Learners must purchase their own uniform, stationery and certain textbooks. There may be additional costs, depending on the subjects the learner chooses e.g. Art learners are responsible for their own paints and brushes.

Hostel Fees

The boarding fees for Erinville Hostel for 2022 are as follows:

  • R62 939 per annum for boarders