Why choose a girls' school?

Being an all girls’ school is fundamental to our identity. Our students feel empowered to become anything they want to become and have high educational aspirations.

Single-sex schools seem to offer young womxn more opportunities in many areas of their learning. According to a Harvard study, students from single-sex schools are more likely to associate with academically-oriented peers and to express specific interests in both Mathematics and English.

“Single-sex schools are designed to make girls the center of learning, leadership, growth and opportunity.”
  • Learning: Boys and girls are wired differently, therefore they learn differently and respond to different teaching styles.
  • Self-esteem: Girls develop a stronger sense of self despite social pressures.
  • Leadership: More leadership opportunities help prepare young women for leadership in their adult lives.
  • Gender bias: Women face more obstacles in education than men.

Academic success through external examinations is an important consideration for any parent but is only one aspect of the benefits of a girls’ school. Self-confidence is the key to turning skills and knowledge into success. Girls’ schools provide a setting where girls hold all the positions of responsibility; all the scientists are girls; all the mathematicians are girls. There is no subject area or activity at Rustenburg Girls’ High in which girls do not excel. This undoubtedly leads to a “can-do” attitude amongst our young womxn. Girls’ schools celebrate the female perspective, valuing girls’ opinions and allowing girls the time and space to discover who they are and what they are capable of. It is important that girls feel that womxn can be leaders and be inspired by them.