School Governing Body

The School Governing Body (SGB) is the body elected by the school community to ensure sound governance at the school. Parents elect parents to represent their interests, the staff elect their representatives and the learners also elect learners to represent them.

SGB Members

Parent members:

Mahomed Latiff – Elected Parent; SGB Chairperson
Yagyah Adams  – Elected Parent; SGB Deputy Chair
Bahijah Hashim – Elected Parent; SGB Treasurer
Fatima Adam – Elected Parent
Tasneem Fakie-Halday – Elected Parent
Tom Sanya – Elected Parent
Jon Musikanth - Elected Parent

Educator members:

Michael Gates – Principal; Ex Officio member of SGB
Susan Schnetler – Elected Educator Representative
Wihan Neethling  – Elected Educator Representative; SGB Secretary
Gill Blackshaw – Co-opted Educator

Non-Educator members:

Geila Wills – Elected non-Educator Representative
Graeme Broster  – Co-opted non-Educator; SGB Clerk
Andrea Slater  – Co-opted non-Educator
Mariam Naidoo – Co-opted non-Educator

Learner members:

Payal Somai – Elected Learner Representative; RCL Chairperson
Tia Morrow – Elected Learner Representative; RCL Deputy