Advertise with us

We offer advertising and sponsorship opportunities to individuals and organisations who would like to reach our community through newsletters, advertising banners and event sponsorships.

Weekly Bulletin

The RGHS Bulletin is produced weekly and distributed every Thursday via email where possible. This publication is used to communicate school notices, news and events to all parents, staff and learners of the school. Electronic copies of the bulletin are also loaded onto the school website where an archive of past editions is maintained. See examples of our bulletins here.

Parents of current pupils may place one advert free of charge, per newsletter, per year for their own business or, for example, for sale items.  Contact to enquire.

In all cases, inclusion of an advert is at the discretion of the Editor and Principal and is dependent on space being available. An advert that cannot be included because of lack of space will be held over till the following edition. Preference will be given to adverts which are relevant to our pupils, parents or to the wider school community. All adverts must be placed in writing, not verbally and no enquiries in response to advertisements can be handled by the school.


Advertising Boards

The Rustenburg Astroturf, located near the High School swimming pool, is the result of a joint project between the High and Junior Schools and offers businesses an opportunity to advertise their brands to the community and visiting supporters.

Annual sponsorship of an electronic notice board at the exit gate is also available.

Interested parties should contact Ms Ulpha Edries, (, for more information.

Event Sponsorship

There are multiple events during the year that offer sponsorship opportunities, from sports tours to music concerts, dramatic productions to our annual Golf Day. For more information, please email Msr Ulpha Edries, (