Debating Update

Friendly Senior debate VS Sans Souci : Thursday 01 February 2018

The debating buzz is back! RGHS kicked off 2018 season with a friendly Senior Debate against Sans Souci. Kristina Semmelink, Aviella Abrahams and Shelby van der Watt opposed the motion: THIS HOUSE BELIEVES THAT SOCIAL MEDIA COMMENTS SHOULD BE PROTECTED BY FREE SPEECH.

The Debating Society Committee must be congratulated on taking the initiative to organise this opening debate.  C22 was filled with a very appreciative audience, mainly from Sans Souci. The debate was tightly contested and the adjudicators (two Sans Souci teachers, Mikayla Shaw and Katia Valente da Silva) were locked in their own debate until they reached their final decision. Sans Souci were awarded the debate but Kristina Semmelink was judged best speaker.


Debating Training starts for both Juniors and Seniors next week:

Juniors: on Monday 12 February 3:00 to 4:45 pm

The very experienced UCT debater and coach, Valentine Chisango, will take charge of the Juniors in Room C21 (Ms Scharneck’s classroom).

Seniors: on Monday 12 February 3:00 to 4:45 pm

Past RGHS debater and coach, Tamsin Metelercamp, will take charge of the Seniors in Room C22 (Mr van Dyk’s classroom).