Bleby are convincing winners of the 2020 Inter-house Forum Discussions

Bleby’s Junior Team (Tamsyn Arendse, Jenna Meredith, Kate Ferguson, Lucy Kane and Kierha Smythe) ensured that the topic: WE LIVE IN A WORLD OF INSTANT BUT NOT ALWAYS EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION, was discussed with clarity, team involvement and enthusiasm. The adjudicators were unanimous in their decision.

The Junior results were as follows;

  1. Bleby: 77
  2. Michiel Vos: 66
  3. Marchand: 64
  4. Cambridge: 62
  5. Innes: 49.

The Junior Speaker Awards [Adjudicators: Ms P. Colly (Chief), Mrs D, Campbell, Ms E. Boshoff, Ms T. Scharneck] were as follows:

  • Best  Chairperson: Kate Ferguson (Bleby)
  • First Best Speaker: Tamsyn Arendse (Bleby)
  • Second Best Speaker: Tia Morrow (Michiel Vos).
  • Most promising Speaker: Robyn Gordon (Marchand)

As the scores will show, the adjudicators were absolutely certain about the winners of the senior section of the competition. Excellently led by their chairperson, Zahraa Solomons, the Bleby’s speakers:  Gia Paulse, Lekia Thaver, Aman Abrahams and Madison Beley, explored all angles of their topic: ALL PEOPLE ARE ULTIMATELY GOOD. 

The Senior results were as follows:

  • Bleby: 84
  • Michiel Vos: 72
  • Cambridge: 71
  • Marchand: 65
  • Innes: 60

The senior adjudicators [Mrs L. Mallon (Chief), Ms J. Chambers, Ms S. Bassardien and Ms J. Campbel)] made the following awards:

  • Best Chairperson: Zahraa Solomons (Bleby)
  • First Best Speaker: Shelby van der Watt (Cambridge)
  • Second Best Speaker: Madison Beley (Bleby). 
  • Most promising speaker: Vivienne Banks (Marchand).

Many thanks to all the adjudicators and both audiences for their support in making this such a successful tournament.