Sport News and Results 30 June 2021

As we head into a wonderful break from attending school we hope you will make use of the outdoors – go hiking, jogging, cycling – just get outdoors and stay safe, fit and healthy.

Thank you for your support over the past term. We appreciate that the learners were able to enjoy some type of normal in terms of their physical involvement at school.

Please note the following:

  • The 202One Olympic Games start on Friday 23 July in Tokyo – let’s encourage our daughters to follow along and dream big.
  • School sport will start on Wednesday 28 July as per the Term 2 and 3 Sports Programme. Please email valid excuses should your daughter not be able to attend her session.

Remember to inform us of your daughter’s sports achievements so that we can extend our congratulations to her. Also, you are encouraged to follow the RGHS Sports Department on our Instagram platform @RGHSSport

School sport news

On-the-move update

During the assessment weeks our learners have still been logging up their kilometres.

Congratulations to the following 5 learners who join the Rusty Runners Club (RRC). There are now 16 members in the RRC.

Totals as of 24 June 2021:

25Siennade Pomeroy-LeggA5

The following learners are closing in fast on achieving their Bronze standards:



We are very proud of the following swimmers who have been awarded Western Cape Swimming colours for the 2020-2021 season:

Full Colours: Ashleé Pretorius (Grade 10) and Isabella Webber (Grade 8)

Half Colours: Imani Magotsi (Grade 8)

Non-school sport


Skye Micklethwaite (Grade 9) just gets faster and faster.

Once again Skye won her age-group (Girls U17) and added an additional 10 points to her total score. Her times were as follows:

  • 800m run – 2:34.21
  • 100m swim – 1:05.11
  • Points earned – 2141.03

Congratulations, Skye.

Figure skating

Angel Yu (Grade 8) recently completed her National Competition in Johannesburg. She won the bronze medals for both of her performances: Component and Free programme. She participated in the Pre-novice High Performance section. Congratulations on these outstanding results.

Open Water Swimming

On Friday 18 June Allegra Smith (Grade 11) completed the 8km Robben Island crossing swim alongside her mom. The crossing started at 10am. The water temperature was 15°/16°C. The wind picked up during the crossing making the water very rough half way through. Her support crew in a boat guided her while swimming and fed her every 30 to 45 minutes. She swam in a wetsuit and used her school swimming cap making RGHS proud. Allegra completed the crossing in 3 hours 47 minutes. The conditions were far from perfect but Allegra persevered and is congratulated on this excellent achievement.