Erinville Experience

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be part of the Erinville Hostel sisterhood? Hostel life not only offers a caring environment and close community you can rely on, but also helps set good habits and routines with set study times.

Rustenburg learners can apply for one term of  boarding at Erinville Hostel, in terms 1 to 3. The Erinville Experience is one way you can feel an even greater sense of belonging; a place where you are able to form lasting friendships with peers and special relationships with caring staff members.

Some of the benefits of the Erinville Experience include:

  • Set study times and routines
  • No travel time
  • A close community
  • Exciting events such as the Erinville Cabaret and the Erinville Fancy Dress
  • Fun outings to the beach, forest and other parts of the city.

How to apply

  • Send an email to
  • Your application should include a referral letter from an adult (teacher or other) as well as a letter of motivation.
  • The application process is the same as for any other hostel application.
  • Payment for the term must be made upfront.
  • Limited spaces available.