Debating Update 20 February 2020

The Rotary League Debating season kicked off this week with our Juniors taking on Rhodes High School at UCT. Tamsyn Arendse, Lucy James and Samantha Wallace opposed the motion: This House Believes that homework is ineffective and should be scrapped. Our very young Junior side (all Grade 8s) lost their first debate but showed a lot of promise for the rest of the season.

Tamsyn Arendse, Lucy James and Samantha Wallace

Our Senior team (Shelby van der Watt, Aviella Abrahams and Kristina Semmelink) proposed the motion: This House believes that benign dictatorships are more beneficial than democratic political systems. A very well presented nuanced argument won them their first debate for the season. Kristina Semmelink was judged best speaker.

Well done!