President’s Award

The President’s Award for Youth Empowerment (TPA) is one of the leading youth achievement awards offering youth the opportunity to develop character, discover their purpose, and help determine their role in contributing to building a great South Africa.

The Award provides a framework of non-formal education and offers experiential learning opportunities to help young people discover talents that do not necessarily show up in the classroom context. The Programme brings together practical experiences and life skills, building confidence, encouraging physical health and recreation; and motivating young people to engage with their communities.

Participants can progress at their own pace through three Award levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The Award levels are progressive and as one moves from one level to the next, the requirements increase, which in turn intensifies the challenge, requiring increasing levels of commitment, perseverance and determination.

The President’s Award is affiliated to The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. The Award was founded by His Royal Highness, The Duke of Edinburgh in 1956. The President’s Award is a full member of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation which oversees the Award Programme in over 140 countries globally, with 25 of these being in Africa, and a total of 1 million active participants internationally.

The Award enables young people to have an internationally recognised certificate for tertiary education application, GAP year opportunities as well as first job applications. Both tertiary institutions and the place of work, increasingly see value in the Award Programme.