Request for Bidder Information Notice

Rustenburg Girls’ High School intends on sourcing a Preferred Bidder for the following Goods and Services:

Guarding Services

On Friday 30 April 2021, tenders will be issued to an approved short-list of appropriate Security companies. Companies are required to be minimum Level 4 B-BBEE. Parties that wish to be included in the Bidders list, should forward the following documents to tenders@rghs.org.za by the deadline dates indicated above:

  • Brief Company Profile – highlighting what the company does, experience and achievements
  • Company Registration Document
  • Valid SARS certificate of good standing
  • Relationship of Company owners or managers with Rustenburg Girls’ High School (parents, staff, alumni, etc)
  • 2 years audited financial statements
  • Current valid B-BBEE verification certificate from a rating agency accredited by the South African National Accreditation Service (SANAS)
  • Current valid Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Outline experience with schools with contactable references

Please note:

  1. Submission of Company Documents by an interested Party does not constitute your automatic inclusion on the Bidders List
  2. Compilation of the Bidders List is done by the School in its sole and absolute discretion
  3. The School is entitled to add and remove bidders as deemed necessary in the circumstances
  4. The School reserves the right to compile the Bidders List based on specific requirements of each Scope of Work
  5. Only bidders formally vetted and included on the Bidders List will be issued with an RFP Invitation
  6. Should you submit documents other than the list of requisite Company Documents, the School is not obliged to review or keep additional submissions on record
  7. No interested party shall have any claim against the School for actions taken by it in the procurement process; as such, any submission of Company Documents is made at your own risk
  8. The School will not be liable for any costs incurred in the submission of Company Documents

Upcoming Tenders:

Please review the School’s website (https://www.rghs.org.za/general-information/tenders/) for upcoming requirements and sourcing eventsii)                    
The Notices of upcoming tenders will be updated as required