Meet the Staff

Academic Team

  • Michael Gates (Principal)
  • Susan Schnetler (Deputy Principal: Academic Innovation)
  • Adrian Skelly
  • Renée Fourie
  • Wihan Neethling (Technology Integration)

Subject Heads

  • Accounting: Gian Marneweck
  • Afrikaans: Helene Swanson
  • Consumer Studies: Christine Steenekamp
  • Design: Jackie Chambers
  • Dramatic Arts: Adrian Skelly
  • Economic & Management Sciences: Gian Marneweck
  • English: Lindsay de Klerk
  • French: Kerwin Baartzes
  • Geography: Susan Schnetler
  • German: Renée Fourie
  • History: Marcus Melck
  • Information Technology: Janine Myers
  • isiXhosa: Mavis Mase
  • Life Orientation: Perdita Norval
  • Life Sciences: Susan Viljoen
  • Mathematics: Paul van Koersveld
  • Mathematical Literacy: Paul van Koersveld
  • Music: Jaco Goosen
  • Natural Sciences: Jane Behne
  • Physical Sciences: Graham Reggiori
  • Visual Arts: Jackie Chambers

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Pastoral Team

  • Michael Gates (Principal)
  • Gill Blackshaw (Deputy Principal: Holistic Growth)
  • Grade 12: Olivia Herrendoerfer (Head) and Linda Mallon (Deputy)
  • Grade 11: Lindsay de Klerk (Head) and Doris Wyne (Deputy)
  • Grade 10: Bernard Biermann (Head)
  • Grade 9: Emma Boshoff (Head) and Megan Bell (Deputy)
  • Grade 8: Johandrie Oosthuizen (Acting Head)

Form Teachers

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Click on View details on the Homepage. Under Pupil Subjects and Teachers, select the Form Teacher and Send Notice.

Support Team

  • Michael Gates (Principal)
  • Francis Vogts (ICT Manager)
  • Graeme Broster (Operations Manager)
  • Mariam Naidoo (Finance Manager)
  • Mhlanga Nombewu (Campus Manager)
  • Ulpha Edries (Marketing and Communications Manager)

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