COVID-19 Relief Funding

It needs little reminder from us that the COVID-19 pandemic has turned our lives upside down in ways we could not have imagined. And while the world is trying to find ways to manage COVID-19, sometimes in ways that make no sense, one thing is certain; there are countless families who have been severely affected by the fallout from the restrictions. The Rustenburg family is no different. Some families have been fortunate to ride the COVID-19 storm, while others have had the economic rug pulled from under their feet.

Many parents have been asking how they can help, in a way that they know will directly benefit those people in desperate financial need. As a result, we have established the RGHS COVID-19 Support Fund (CSF), to help affected families. The funding received from the RGHS CSF will ensure that these learners can continue with their education at Rustenburg.

We ask you as a key part of our family, if you are in the position to offer assistance, to help those in need. Please complete the online form below and confirm the amount you are able and willing to contribute.

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