Chairman’s Letter

Message from the Chairman of the Governing Body

It’s an honour and privilege to serve as the Chair of the Governing Body of the best school for girls in our country. It’s also a privilege to be working with Michael Gates, the newly-appointed Principal who has really innovative ideas. Later this year, the Governing Body will embark on an exercise to evaluate and relook at our vision and plans.

We are mindful of the ever-changing role which the school has to play in enabling our leaders of tomorrow. This school has, over the years, built a brand and ethos that must be maintained, nurtured and expanded on. I look forward to being part of the team tasked with this responsibility.

The 4th industrial revolution is demanding that, as a learning institution, we are able to adapt and understand how things are to be done differently in the future. We must position this school as a responsive and key enabler for the future, all the while keeping in place what has made this school successful.

I believe that we each have the power and responsibility to get involved in society and our communities, and for this reason, I have volunteered my time for many years in many projects, from Round Table to the NSRI, to primary school Governing Bodies to local and provincial politics and now the RGHS Governing Body. I urge parents and families to step forward, involve themselves, and be a part of making this wonderful school even better. As your representative, I look forward to engaging with you in an open way about your ideas in this regard.

Alan Winde
SGB Chairman