Yoga and Self-defence

Amongst the wide variety of sports offered, Rustenburg has recently added yoga and self-defence as options for learners. Studies show that both activities are beneficial to your health and mindfulness. 

Jemma Cusens (Grade 11), who does yoga, said “I love yoga! This is my third year doing yoga at Rustenburg and it is the best thing I could have ever done for myself. Yoga is a safe space for me because it has taught me how to be present and to love my body. It also helped play a huge role in how I deal with school stress and anxiety! Every lesson is different as we tend to structure the class around how the girls are feeling. If most girls are feeling and looking exhausted then we will do more relaxation techniques, but if girls have more energy we could end up doing anything from yoga in pairs, to sun salutations and even some glute work!” 

When asked if she would recommend it to anyone she said “I would 100% recommend yoga to any girl at our school! Yoga is not a competition to see who is most flexible but rather an activity where everyone is accepted and encouraged to only do what they feel comfortable with. If you struggle with stress or anxiety because of school or in life in general then I really encourage you to do yoga – not only does it make you feel physically stronger but mentally stronger, too.” 

Self-defence has been a very popular addition to the school, focusing on mindfulness and safety.

Jessi Booysen (Grade 11), who does self-defence, said: “I think self-defence is an amazing initiative. It helps the girls a lot as we go through many scenarios in which we could possibly be harmed. It is really helpful because it gives you a sense of security when you leave the lesson and you gain more knowledge about how to get out of dangerous situations. Every lesson we learn something new as well as going over what we did the previous lesson so that it is not forgotten. Sometimes we work with props which is also really beneficial because it gives us a sense of the reality of situations. I highly recommend self-defence to students as it could save your life.” 

Yoga is offered on Mondays and Thursdays. Self-defence is on Mondays for juniors and Tuesdays for seniors,  from 15:15 to 16:15. 

by Roxanne Comyn