Water Restrictions at Rustenburg

We are all becoming increasingly aware of the desperate water shortage that is facing our City, and with the move to level 3B water restrictions, we thought it prudent to share what Rustenburg is doing to reduce its water consumption. As you are no doubt aware, we have an integrated sustainability programme at Rustenburg, and of our five focus areas, WATER probably rates as the most important.

Since the implementation of the programme, we have initiated many water saving schemes:

  • Our borehole was installed in 2012; although at first it covered only the sports fields, the borehole irrigation has since been extended to cover the entire campus.
  • Our borehole draws its water from a sustainable supply. The aquifer it draws from is fed from the Table Mountain group and evidence to date has shown no fluctuation in this water table level.
  • Irrigation of the school grounds takes place at night so that we have almost nil evaporation, usually a lessened wind flow, better infiltration and no disruption to the Campus population.
  • An automatic irrigation system was commissioned in the December holidays, which has enabled us to irrigate the two sports fields more accurately and effectively.
  • Half of our ornamental lawns are irrigated by gear driven sprinklers which also give more accurate and effective delivery of our underground water.
  • Buried dripper irrigation lines allow us to deliver water directly to the roots of plants, avoiding sun, wind, drift and vandalism.
  • Indigenous and water-wise plantings have been introduced throughout the campus.
  • Some 16 water meters monitor constant consumption, creating an awareness of water usage and allowing us an ability to detect over-consumption and track costs.
  • Metered water dispensers in bathrooms have reduced our consumption of potable water in these facilities by 19%.
  • Our Healthy Schools Programme allows the girls the opportunity to clean their hands with an alcohol based sanitizer, rather than water – generating a further saving.
  • We are hoping to receive a treated effluent supply from the City in early 2018. Apart from its irrigation benefit, it is planned to operate all the toilets from this resource.


We are very proud of our sustainability efforts here at Rustenburg. Over the years we have reduced our water consumption from 132 Kilolitres per day in February 2015 to 126 Kilolitres per day in February 2016 and have set ourselves a target of just 100 Kilolitres per day for 2017. You can track our progress on the Sustainability Dashboard located near the Exit Gate of the school.


For some tips on how you can save water in your own home, please see the weblinks below: