Sports News and Results 17 August 2017

Please come and support as many teams and matches as possible on Saturday 19 August, at the Sports Derby against Rhenish. All Hockey; Netball and a Soccer team will be playing. The RGHS Sports Parents will be selling bacon and egg rolls; chicken prego rolls and many other delicious goodies throughout the morning. Please support us.

See details of fixtures below:


19-Aug Saturday 11h20 U19A Rhenish RGHS Astro
19-Aug Saturday 08h50 U19B Rhenish RGHS Astro
19-Aug Saturday 10h30 U16A Rhenish RGHS Astro
19-Aug Saturday 12h20 U16B Rhenish RGHS Astro
19-Aug Saturday 09h40 U14A Rhenish RGHS Astro
19-Aug Saturday 08h00 U14B Rhenish RGHS Astro
19-Aug Saturday 09h40 U19C Rhenish RGHS Grass
19-Aug Saturday 08h50 U16C Rhenish RGHS Grass
19-Aug Saturday 11h20 U16D Rhenish RGHS Grass
19-Aug Saturday 10h30 U14C Rhenish RGHS Grass
19-Aug Saturday 09h00 Junior Rhenish Rygersdal
Time Court 1 Court 2 Court 3 Court 4
08h30 U14A U15B U14C
09h10 U15A U16C U16B
09h45 U19B U14B U16A
10h20 U19A


Team photographs will also be taking place in the Fountain Court, just outside the Sports Office. All team members are to be neatly dressed in the correct match kit for their photograph.

Match Time TEAM Photo time Coach TIC
08h50 Hockey U19B 08h00 Brad Van Koersveld
08h30 Netball  U14A 08h05 Meghan Paton
08h50 Hockey U16C 08h10 Basi Blanc-Marquis
08h30 Netball U15B 08h15 Blayi
09h00 Soccer 08h20 Justin Rabeh/ Thompson
09h40 Hockey  U14A 08h30 Waleed Weideman
09h10 Netball U16B 08h35 Nanette Langenhoven
09h40 Hockey  U19C 08h40 Tamarah Biermann
09h45 Netball U16A 08h45 Nanette Langenhoven
08h00 Hockey  U14B 09h10 Thompson
09h45 Netball U19B 09h15 Vanes Barrett-Theron
10h30 Hockey  U16A 09h20 Viljoen
10h30 Hockey  U14C 09h30 Hendricks
09h10 Netball u15A 09h45 Blayi
08h30 Netball U14C 09h50 Goble
09h10 Netball U16C 10h00 Goble
11h20 Hockey  U16D 10h10 Chloe Marais
09h45 Netball U14B 10h30 Meghan Paton
12h20 Hockey  U16B 11h10 Allister Marneweck


  • Please remember to share your daughter’s sporting achievements with us in the Sports Office via email. (All weekend results must be submitted by 12 noon on the Tuesday preceding the Thursday on which the weekly newsletter will be published).




The following girls raced in the WPA/ Schools Cross Country Championships on Saturday 12 August on the CPUT Campus in Bellville South. They were chosen to represent the South Zone.

  • U14: Rachel Noyce; Talitha Delpierre; Isabella Lethbridge and Lara Rule
  • U15: Megan Phillipson and Laya Gersowsky
  • U16: Kate Lodwick
  • U17: Olivia Key
  • U19: Caylan Bromley; Kristeen Swanepoel and Eden Paarwater.

We have not received official results of these races. We, however, have had notification that Megan Phillipson (Gr 9) has been selected to represent Western Province in the U15 age-group. This is an incredible achievement and we congratulate Megan. More details to follow of when and where she will be running in the ‘blue and white’.



MATCH REPORT: by Andi Bernstein

On Monday 14 August, our RGHS 1st team played against Malvern College, a visiting school from the UK.

“It was a great game played with sportsmanship and good spirit with RGHS winning 1-0. We definitely had the advantage with regards to ball possession and circle entries but could not convert our opportunities against a goal keeper that was on great form!

We looked really good going forward and were complimented by the visiting coach on our technical ability and basics in passing and receiving skills.

Courtney Wheeler (Gr 12) scored the winning goal towards the end of the first chukka, and since we had the majority of the possession, Malvern were not able to equalize”.



On Monday 14 August our U16A and B team combined to play against a touring team from the UK, Malvern College. Our girls had a very strong game winning 35-10.

On Tuesday 15 August RGHS played against Settlers at Settlers.

The results were as follows:

Team Results Score
U19A Won 25-15
U19B Lost 15-16
U16A Won 21-4
U16B Won 17-7
U16C Won 5-3
U15A Won 10-6
U14A Drew 11-11
U14B Lost 7-8
U14C Won 11-1



Jordyn Campbell (Gr 9) is doing great things again.

Jordyn won the U15 girls section of the Prince South African Junior Open this past weekend at Parkview in Johannesburg by beating a girl from the USA. That’s a wonderful result, congratulations, Jordyn.

On Friday 11 August the RGHS A team played league matches against the U19C Boys team from Camps Bay.

Results are as follows:

  • U19A 5 vs Camps Bay Boys 12

Right: Jordyn (far left) as the winner.


Hannah Elvidge (Gr 9) participated in the Open South African Short Course Championships this past weekend. Her results were as follows:

  • 100m Backstroke – 1:08.88
  • 400m Individual Medley – 5:26.06
  • 100m Freestyle – 1:03.40
  • 100m Individual Medley – 1:12.49
  • 50m Freestyle – 29.29
  • 50m Backstroke – 32.04
  • 200m Individual Medley – 2:34.61
  • 200M Backstroke – 2:29.00

Congratulations on a very busy few days of swimming, Hannah.




After a tough and competitive few days of horse riding in Stellenbosch, Kayleigh Beattie (Gr 11) placed 3rd in her jumping class, one of 4 disciplines she competed in.  This will qualify her for team selection representing Western Cape at Nationals later in the year!  Kayleigh was also team captain for the Cape Metro/ West Coast Team, who were the overall winners this past weekend against all Cape regions. Congratulations, Kayleigh.


Right: Kayleigh on her horse, captaining the Cape Metro/ West Coast Team