Sports News and Results 14 June 2019

Inter-House Hockey and Netball

The annual Inter-house Hockey and Netball Tournament took place on Monday 10 June. The event is always a colourful affair with teams dressing up in their house colours. It is a great event that enables players from Grade 8 up to Grade 12 to play together as teammates and have fun.

The tournament kicked off with a Staff vs Matric Netball match, which the staff won 5-3.

The Marchand Hockey Team had a successful day on the astro winning three matches and only dropping one point against Michiel Vos.

The Cambridge Netball Team played very well as a team, having a great balance of junior and senior players. The team won all four matches earning themselves 8 points.

Hockey Results:

  • 1st Marchand      7 points
  • 2nd Cambridge   5 points
  • 3rd Innes              4 points
  • 4th Michiel Vos   3 points
  • 5th Bleby               1 point

Netball Results:

  • 1st Cambridge    8 points
  • 2nd Innes             6 points
  • 3rd Michiel Vos  4 points
  • 4th Bleby              2 points
  • 5th Marchand     0 points

Inter-House Cross Country

On Thursday 13 June the whole school participated in this annual event. The format was slightly changed this year with Race 1 taking in 2 laps of a 1.5km route. The route ensured that the runners ran through the 5 houses as set up on the field twice – this enabled the participants of Race 2 to support their peers and vice versa.

The results of the top 12 runners were as follows:

Position Name Grade Time
1 Lara Rule 10 11:17:52
2 Megan Phillipson 11 12:00:76
3 Laya Gersowsky 11 12:16:54
4 Annie Malherbe 8 12:30:92
5 Chrystal Wan 9 12:41:29
6 Juliana Barrish 9 12:48:05
7 Viwe Hlatswayo 9 12:51:45
8 Caitlin Ainsty 8 12:55:23
9 Lisa Penney 8 13:16:44
9 Sarah Israel 10 13:16:44
11 Talitha Delpierre 10 13:17:91
12 Kayla Beattie 9 13:19:83

Top 10 runners in the 3km event for each grade:

Grade 12:

1st Zaina Abrahams; 2nd Kate Lodwick; 3rd Hannah Schaefer; 4th Rebecca Hill; 5th Jade Lawson; 6th Amy Rice; 7th Jodi Britnell; 8th Nishaat Hendricks; 9th Alexa Edwards; 10th Kayla Johnson.

Grade 11:

1st Megan Phillipson; 2nd Laya Gersowsky; 3rd Qailah Bhamjee; Gemma Watermeyer; 5th Lara Stulting; 6th Khadeeja Allie-Ebrahim; 7th Megan Barnard; 8th Kayla Henry; 9th Isabella Little; 10th Tyra Ingold.

Grade 10:

1st Lara Rule; 2nd Sara Israel; 3rd Talitha Delpierre; 4th Isabella Lethbridge; 5th Chloe Sampson; 6th Jaime McGown; 7th Amy-Raie Bernberg; 8th Erin le Roux; 9th Jemma Pyper; 10th Michaela de Vries.

Grade 9:

1st Chrystal Wan; 2nd Juliana Barrish; 3rd Viwe Hlatswayo; 4th Kayla Beattie; 5th Kayla Ross; 6th Megan Renecle; 7th Jenna Caldwell; 8th Manina Viljoen; 9th Nina von den Heyden; 10th Rachel Behne.

Grade 8:

1st Annie Malherbe; 2nd Caitlin Anstey; 3rd Lisa Penney; 4th Scarlett Lethbridge; 5th Kira Billimore; 6th Robyn Biccard; 7th Amber de Villiers; 8th Sarah Krone; 9th Kate Biggs; 10th Michaela Meyer.

The Inter-grade relay was won by Grade 8s, narrowly beating the Grade 12 runners.

Well done to all the girls who participated and helped to make the event the success it was.

A beautiful day for running – start of Race 1.

Water Polo

Tour to Serbia and Montenegro

We wish Ms Goble and the following girls all the very best on their tour:

Erin Daffarn; Sofia Gray, Anna Gray, Jaime Kelly, Hannah Lavery, Pebbles McGuinness, , Hayley Probyn, Rose Williamson and Alexanda Arendse.

The girls have been keeping fit and strong throughout the past few months so that they will get the most benefit possible from their playing and learning experience in these beautiful countries. We wish you all a safe and enjoyable experience.


Provincial tournaments: good luck to the following girls who will be representing their Province during the holidays.

  • WP U18A Erin Coetzee
  • WP U18B Nika Hofmeyr
  • U18 South Zonal – Ashleigh Noyce; Rebecca Hill; Tyra Ingold; Gemma Watermeyer
  • WP U16A Kelly Johnson
  • U16 South Zonal – Azrah Dick & Josie Malherbe
  • WP U14A Jodie Blows; Amber de Villiers; Lisa Penney
  • Non-travelling reserves – Alhaan Emeran & Saarah Magiet


Congratulations to our U14A team who are unbeaten. They have won all five matches played this term – they are second on the WP league log on goal average behind Herschel.

Fri U14A Won 8-0 Edgemead HS
Fri U19B Won 6-0 Edgemead HS
Fri U16A Won 6-0 Edgemead HS
Fri U19A Won 6-0 Edgemead HS
Sat U14B Won 7-0 Edgemead HS
Sat U16B Won 4-0 Edgemead HS
Sat U16C Won 5-0 Edgemead HS
Sat U16D Lost 0-5 RGHS U16C

U19A Match report:

“The 1st hockey team played Edgemead on Friday evening under cold and wet conditions. This did not deter them as they started off well by scoring three goals in the first chukka. Goals were scored by Gemma Watermeyer and Rebecca Hill (field goals) and Erin Coetzee scored a penalty stroke. We continued to dominate in all aspects of the game which showed in RGHS earning 9 penalty corners vs Edgemead’s 0. We kept attacking throughout the rest of the match and scored a goal in each of the remaining three chukkas. These goals were scored by Kelly Johnson (field goal), Ashleigh Noyce (penalty corner) and Rebecca Byssche (field goal)” – Coach Andi


Laéeqa Aziz (Grade 10) has qualified to play in the South African Girls Golf Championship in Orkney. This tournament is a national level event.

She will represent Western Province from 29 June to 4 July. Congratulations, Laéeqa.