Sports News 10 June

The RGHS extra-mural programme is thriving. The beautiful autumn weather is being enjoyed by so many of the learners as they get to participate in one way or another. The benefits from participation just cannot be underestimated. We witnessed the U16C Hockey team enjoy a session during load shedding, in the dark all sitting on the astroturf, enjoying a video analysis session. The On-the-Move participants are increasing the number of kilometres they complete and really building up their stamina and making new friends. Thank you for encouraging your daughters to attend their sessions and lead a balanced lifestyle.

With the assessment weeks upon us we have made changes to the practice times. We have had to consider the availability of the coaches, the different end-times for the GET and FET assessments as well as the availability of the turf.

Please see the revised sports programme on the following link.

Revised Sport Times for Assessment period – 14 June to 2 July

Please note the following:

  • Sport will continue throughout the period 14 June to 2 July to ensure that the learners continue to exercise while writing tests and emphasising their studies. Please email valid excuses should your daughter not be able to attend her session.
  • There will be no extra-mural sport in the last week of term 2 (4-9 July)
  • There will be an Inter-House TRAIL event on Thursday 8 July during the school day. All RGHS Learners are expected to participate.

Remember to inform us of your daughter’s sporty achievements so that we can extend our congratulations to her. Also, you are encouraged to follow the RGHS Sports Department on our Instagram platform @RGHSSport

School Sports

On-the-Move Update

There are 248 participants on the On-the-Move database. They are all currently working their way into the Rusty Runners Club (RRC).

We are so proud of the following three Grade 8 learners who have achieved the Bronze (25km) standard. Congratulations to you. There are now 11 members in the RRC.

Totals as of 9 June 2021.

21Mthombo GwadisoA3

The following learners are closing in fast on achieving their Bronze standards: