Senior Debating Team wins annual FACETS competition

Congratulations to the members of the Senior Debating team (Katia da Silva Valente, Jade Smith and Mikayla Shaw) who finally had a taste of victory when they won the annual Facets debating competition on Tuesday 16 May at Sans Souci. They successfully opposed the motion: THIS HOUSE WOULD MAKE IT COMPULSORY FOR ALL PRIMARY SCHOOL LEARNERS TO LEARN A LOCAL INDIGENOUS LANGUAGE.

Mikayla Shaw, who was judged the best speaker in rounds one and two of the tournament, as well as the finals, was judged the overall best speaker of the competition. Many thanks to Kristina Semmelink, Aviella Abrahams and Kelly de Lucchi who represented the team in the earlier rounds.


Monday 15 May vs Elkanah

  • Both the Juniors (Kristina Semmelink, Aviella Abrahams and Shelby van der Watt) and Seniors (Katia da Silva Valente, Jade Smith and Mikayla Shaw) lost their Rotary League debates against Elkanah at SACS.


Monday 22 May: Final Group Debate for the Rotary season

RGHS will be hosting Cannon’s Creek in the Thomson Hall at 6:30 pm.

The Juniors will be debating the motion: This House supports a constituency based voting system over a proportional representation system in South Africa

The Seniors will receive their topic on the evening.

The debaters would appreciate your support on the evening.