RGHS Learner in top 5 of the Allan Gray Entrepreneurship Challenge

A number of Rustenburg learners took part in the Allan Gray Entrepreneurship Challenge from 14 August to 22 September 2017.  The competition aimed to encourage a culture of entrepreneurship amongst high school learners.  Participants from schools across South Africa were required to complete a number of tasks each week, over the six week duration of the competition, for which they would earn points.  Each week the challenges got progressively harder and required participants to develop their entrepreneurial thinking skills.

Learners could win prizes for their weekly submissions and there was also a grand prize for the top 3 participants to win an all-expenses-paid trip to Silicon Valley, San Francisco, USA.  The winners would get to visit Google and Facebook headquarters and also get the chance to meet some famous entrepreneurs.

Well done to Nikita Roberts in D3 who was consistently in the top 10 during the challenge, and came 5th overall (there were over 3 200 participants).  Overall Rustenburg was placed 11th out of the 76 schools participating. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of all of our participants (our team was called RGHS Entrepreneurs).  Nikita will receive a special gold certificate at the awards ceremony to be held early in November.