RGHS Grade 12 History classes commemorate Women’s Day

Having linked the 1956 Women’s March to the struggle of women in RSA today, Gabrielle Adams (E2) ended her Women’s Day address with these challenging words: “Women’s Day is a commemoration to, and reminder of, the drive and power that we, as women, have, can and must use to bring about change. The foundations have been laid. All we need to do is build upon them. The future relies on us and we must not disappoint.”

The Grade 12 History classes, with the support of Jabulani, provided the school with a short but varied programme showcasing their talents – Women’s Day Report Programme

Jabulani’s contribution provided the audience with a Xhosa poetry tribute by Amukele Ngubane, accompanied by a musical backing.




Judging from the applause, the penultimate item, “Golden” written by Ruth B, with Chelsea Burnell (piano and vocals), Ylva Hultkrantz and Talia Mdlungu (vocals) and the chorus of Grade 12 History and Jabulani singers, was one of the most popular items on the programme. (Listen to “Golden” here)


As a bonus, the newly established Rocking Recorder Ensemble debuted with their version of the Jazz standard, TAKE FIVE.