RCL WCED Conference 2017

Last Saturday, the 26th of August, the Grade 11 RCL representatives, Zahra Mohamed, Yusra Sablay, Azraa Rawoot and Bethany Rumble, attended a RCL workshop at Sans Souci Girls’ High School organised by Ms Anusha Naidoo from the Western Cape Education Department. It was an enlightening experience and a fun-filled day for all.

The day started bright and early with a breakfast where we were able to informally meet with RCLs from schools all over the province. From this we shared our experiences at our different schools and why we chose to stand for the RCL.

Throughout the day there were various speakers. Some topics that were discussed: Roles and Responsibilities of the RCL, RCL representation on the school’s Governing Body, election processes, conduct of RCL members and the importance of the World Children’s Peace Prize.

During one session we shared some of the projects RCLs from around the province implemented and from this we learnt about some of the harsh realities facing teenagers in South Africa.

This workshop was an enriching and eye-opening experience where we were reminded of the importance and purpose of being part of the RCL. The Grade 11s felt truly fortunate to be involved.

Article by Bethany Rumble