Music Notes 17 March 2017

We are quickly reaching the end of term. If my memory serves me correctly, this is the first week since the commencement of this newsletter that there are no Music activities taking place.

However, I would like to make special mention of Mr Buitendag and his Jazz Band for what was not only a fantastic performance on Friday at the Annual Band Slam at the V&A Waterfront, but also a brilliant advertisement for the Music Department of Rustenburg. The support fantastic and when one considers that Mr Buitendag has only been working with this group for two months, it bodes very well for the future.

Mr Buitendag’s passion and vision for Jazz at the school clearly come through. In a very short time he has already more than doubled the brass numbers at the school. Well done Mr Buitendag.

Kindly take note that the scheduled Picnic Concert that was due to take place on Sunday, 26th March has been postponed to Saturday, 22 April. Further details about the event will follow.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Upcoming Events

Collaboration Concert with Milton Academy (USA)

Thursday, 23 March


Kemp Hall

RGHS entry and payment deadline for ABRSM August/September Practical Session

Friday, 24 March

V&A Band Slam Final

Jazz Band

Friday, 31 March


Waterfront Amphitheatre