Music Notes 17 February 2017

The Music department was involved in two events this week – the Grade 7 Open Day on Wednesday, 15 February, and the Music Workshop on Thursday, 16 February.

The Open Day is a wonderful opportunity for the Music Department to showcase its talent. The School Orchestra under the direction of Mrs Herrendoёrfer performed two pieces for the audience: arrangements of Bizet’s Habanera from his very popular opera, Carmen, and Mack the Knife, a popular song number from the music drama, The Threepenny Opera by Kurt Weill.

The Chamber Choir performed Bob Chilcott’s very moving song Can you hear me that incorporates sign language.

Much appreciation and gratitude was shown by the audience. Both groups are to be congratulated on very successful performances.

The other music highlight this week was the Music Workshop. The emphasis this year was on enjoyment and improvisation. The workshop was extremely well attended and the incredible creativity that came from the different drum circles was extraordinary.

It has once again brought to mind how important and special the Music sphere is to a school environment. It is the one place, where all grades interact voluntarily with one another due to one common interest – MUSIC.


Upcoming Events

Music Scholarship Auditions (Grade 7s)

Friday, 24 February

Kemp Hall


Music Parents’ Welcome Meeting

Monday, 27 February

Kemp Hall

Wind Band, Jazz Band, Orchestra, Chamber Choir


V&A Band Slam

Friday, 10 March

Waterfront Amphitheatre

Jazz Band


Collaboration Concert with Milton Academy (USA)

Thursday, 23 March


Kemp Hall


A snippet of the Chamber Choir singing at the Open Day posted by Mr Gates on Twitter. Follow him here.