Music Notes 10 February 2017

Dear Music Parents

Another week has passed and, as usual, it has been a busy one. On Sunday, 5 February we had our first Choral and Band Collaboration Workshop at SACS. This was an extremely fruitful exercise as we managed to start studying the music. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the parents for their support of this endeavour. The attendance on Sunday was exceptional and I was very proud to be associated with this school.

The work never ends and on Monday the Chamber Choir and the Jazz Band performed for the Grade 7 Open day event.  Neither groups have had much rehearsal time; however, the standard of performance was once again at a very high level. It was the Jazz Band’s first performance under their new director, Mr Murray Buitendag.

The rejuvenated energy with which the band played is already an indication of the good work that he is doing. Feedback from the parents was extremely positive and I am anticipating great things from these groups as the year progresses.

I would like to remind all our Music parents – subject and extra-curricular – of the Music Workshop on Thursday, 16 February in the Thompson Hall
from 19h00-20h30. This is a wonderful opportunity for all Music pupils across all grades to engage in an informal music environment. All Grade 8-12 pupils are strongly encouraged to attend this very interactive African drumming workshop.

Have a wonderful weekend and in the words of Shakespeare: If music be the food of life, play on.


Upcoming Events

Grade 7 Information Afternoon: Other Schools

Wednesday, 15 February, Kemp Hall

Orchestra & Chamber Choir


Music Workshop

Thursday, 16 February, Thomson Hall

All Music Learners


Music Scholarship Auditions

Friday, 24 February, Kemp Hall


Music Parents’ Welcome Meeting

Monday, 27 February, Kemp Hall


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