Matric Dance Fashion Show

The matrics had waited anxiously for their dance for so long. They had planned, prepped, and anticipated the night to make sure it would be one to remember. Now that it’s over, they got to treat the school to a glimpse of what their special night was like.

With the Kemp Hall set up with a catwalk, and the AV team providing the  lights and music, the matrics walked the runway in style. With Adwoa Danso and Zahra Muhammed as co-hosts, our Monday morning was filled with laughter and excitement.

There is something about seeing the matrics dressed up and self-assured that is inspiring for all the other students, especially the grade 11’s, who know that next year, that will be them – full of confidence and grace and beauty – nervous, but ready for the life they will lead outside of school.

There is more to the glitter and lace than the physical; there is a promise of an end, a good end, to five years of hard work that have prepared you for your big matric final exams. The fashion show is an encouraging reminder to work hard and know that your time will come… eventually.

By Nicole Oosthuisen

Photos by Rebecca Mortley