Lerato’s Hope Open Day Celebration

I had the privilege of attending the Lerato’s Hope Open Day Celebration for their volunteers on 26 August 2018. I left Pinelands Baptist church, where the event was held, feeling very inspired as well as proud that Rustenburg is involved with this organisation.

At the event, various people working in the organisation spoke to us. The Executive Director, Vaughan Stannard, spoke of Cape Town as a divided city. He reflected on our history of segregation and how people living in privilege cannot ignore the needs of those who don’t, simply because we have the ability to turn a blind eye. He said that Lerato’s Hope aims to bring the city together by lending support to communities that need it.

We were also introduced to a young man who, at 13 years old, had started a book club in his township garage. From there, the initiative continued to grow and now, at 17, he heads a non-profit organisation that is entirely youth driven. I think he is a brilliant example that we can do so much to make a change in other’s lives no matter our age or circumstances. 

Lerato’s Hope is currently tackling the topics of mercy and justice by hosting forums at Pinelands Baptist Church and in advocating for justice, they are hoping to help those previously disadvantaged by Apartheid.  

The volunteers were then thanked as well as given some statistics. I learnt that, combined, the schools that host food drives for Lerato’s Hope have provided over 3 000 meals to Abahlobo Crèche. I would like to extend a huge thank you to the girls who volunteer at food drives as well as to the teachers who support. We are involved in an incredible organisation and are making a difference.  

We hope that the Rustenburg community will continue to support our food drives for Lerato’s Hope!

Article by Kaitlyn Watt (Lerato’s Hope Brand Ambassador)