It’s all relative

2017 saw the welcome return to Rustenburg of Mrs Lindsay de Klerk (née Kalis), after a sojourn at The Settlers and Rondebosch Boys’. One of Mrs de Klerk’s neighbours in the English passage is Mrs Mallon, risky at best if it were not for the fact that Mrs de Klerk and Mrs Mallon are second cousins. They share a maternal great-grandmother who, just to add spice to the mix, was an English teacher herself, and who would be justifiably proud of her “corner of a Rustenburg field” (with apologies to Rupert Brooke).

The family connection is intensified by the addition of Rebecca (B1) and Georgina Vosloo (A6) to the story. Their father, Paul, is Mrs Mallon’s first cousin, and another second cousin to Mrs de Klerk. Mrs de Klerk, who teaches B1 for English, is therefore teaching her third cousin, Rebecca.

Who would ever have thought that from a farm called Netherby, in the middle of the Zimbabwean bush, would come such a coincidence.