Inter-house Forum Discussion Results

The results of the Inter-house Forum discussion competition held on Friday 03 February are as follows:


First: Michiel Vos (137/200 points)

Team: Kristina Semmelink, Lara Rule, Emily Burroughs, Hannah Elvidge and Megan Barnard


Second: Cambridge (136/200)

Third: Innes (120/200)

Fourth: Bleby (115/120)

Fifth: Marchand


Special Awards

Best Chairperson: Emily Burroughs (Michiel Vos)

Best Speaker: Sarah Irwin (Cambridge)

Second Best Speaker: Megan Barnard (Michiel Vos)



First: Marchand (78,75%)

Team: Ashleigh Madell, Dominique Wagner, Alexa Rabeling, Emma Sacco and Lydia Hardie


Second: Bleby (71,25%)

Third: Innes (66%)

Fourth: Cambridge (65,75%)

Fifth: Michiel Vos (51,25%)


Special Awards

Best Chairperson: Alexa Rabeling (Marchand)

Joint Best Speakers: Megan Tromp (Cambridge) and Emma Sacco (Marchand)

Second Best Speaker: Jamie Fraser (Bleby)


Mr C. van Dyk