Hostel Beach Outing

The first term in hostel is always a busy one with the new Grade 8s settling in and making new friends. One of the traditional events is the Erinville beach outing.

Excitement was in the air and music blasted through the speakers as we all sang along to classic favourites on the bus to Camps Bay. With beach towels in one hand and sunscreen in the other, we Erinville girls got to enjoy spending time with one another outside of the boarding house. Pictures were taken, the sun darkened our skin, and the enjoyment of it all made our bonds grow stronger.

When the day was over and sand clung to our bodies, we all ate lunch at hostel together, a favourite classic of burgers and chips. Beach outings are traditional and mandatory, and are always a day to be remembered, and to be grateful to be an Erinville girl.

Article by Kumi Scott