Grade 10 and 11 History classes Heritage Day Assembly

“It’s our time: Respect not just tolerance should be our goal”


“Heritage Day encourages South Africans across the spectrum to celebrate and honour the diversity of their cultures, beliefs and traditions, in the wider context of a nation that belongs to all its people.” This extract from Noa Anthony’s opening address (see Why we celebrate Heritage Day) set the tone for this year’s Heritage Day Assembly.


The programme was as follows:

  1. Welcome: Amukele Ngubane – Grade 10 and 11 History classes in heritage outfits
  2. Why we celebrate Heritage Day:  Noa Anthony – see her opening address
  3. Contextualising the Grade 11 Exhibition: Savannah Althoff-Thomson– see her speech.
  4. Grade 11 Heritage Song: “It’s our time” – see Lyrics. Music and lyrics composed by Ashleigh Madell and Adwoa Danso
  5. Earth Children (presentation): Anna van Straten
  6. Contextualising the Grade 10 Cape Slavery Exhibition: Jade Benton
  7. Grade 10 song commemorating Slavery: Erica Whittal
  8. Thanks and thoughts for the YOUTH on Heritage Day: Natasha Espag – see her speech.
  9. “WAKA-WAKA” – Junior marimbas, band and singers (Adwoa Danso and Michelle Mouton).


Mr C. van Dyk