Heritage Assembly 2019

The 2019 Heritage Day Assembly on Thursday, 19 September was an emotional and heartwarming assembly which encouraged everyone to embrace their uniqueness and diversity and to recognise and celebrate all of our differences.

The Grade 10 and 11 History pupils hosted the assembly and each dressed to reflect their unique cultures and backgrounds. They performed several poems and songs and showed videos about the country’s rich history and heritage. These were inspiring and gave us the message that the people who came before us, shaped us into the people we are today.

An inspiring quote from the day was, ” you can’t celebrate the past without acknowledging it,” and this is something the girls were told to implement into their lives so that they never forget or lose their heritage. Thanks to Ms Sharneck and Mr van Dyk who put together an incredible assembly that was thought-provoking and ended the term on a very high note.

By Zipho Tom