Grey water competition encourages water saving awareness

The Earth Children and Eco Leaders are excited to announce the GREY WATER COMPETITION, designed to encourage awareness around water issues and water saving.  Bore hole sprinklers have been turned off and each Grade, the Hostel and Staff have been designated a patch of lawn outside the Mathematics and Physical Science Block and Hostel, to nurture. The lawn is an ornamental lawn and, therefore, is not used for sitting/playing on.

Each group is responsible for watering their patch using only grey water brought from home and used to water on the same day. Grades are working out their own system i.e. who brings the watering can, which patches they water, how they mark it, who does the watering and where they collect each donation before watering.

Each patch will be monitored and its progress or decline analysed towards the end of the term – for example if the grass dies, was it due to lack of water or perhaps due to the toxins in the water, which is a lesson in itself. The idea is not to generate unnecessary grey water but to create awareness through reusing and water saving wherever possible.

A big thank you to Mr Siebrits and the ground staff for all their support and help with this project.