Grade 8 Bundi Camp

In the April holidays some of the Grade 8s from RGHS teamed up with some of the Grade 8s from RBHS and attended the very successful Bundi camp near Worcester on the Breede River. This is what Ella Barret-Smith had to say regarding the experience:

“Our journey started at 7:30am when we left Rondebosch. A long journey of 3 hours was filled with laughter and creating new friendships. We finally arrived at Bundi at 10h30am. From that time onwards we had absolute fun!

Our days were filled with activities such as river rafting, night activities, rock climbing, high rope obstacles, night hiking, and lastly a survival day (the survival day was, I think, the biggest challenge because you have to go “to the bathroom” in the bush which wasn’t the greatest thing to do!).

The food was delicious – especially the macaroni & cheese: there are no words to describe how delicious it was! At our night camping,  this is all we wished for.

Our camp ended with a quiet bus drive home. Doubtlessly, everyone was quite tired from such an amazing camp filled with laughter, friendship and fun.”


Ella Barret- Smith