Grade 11 History learners exchange views with Pittsburgh University students

Pittsburgh University and RGHS History Department renewed their relationship when a group of Teaching and Learning students visited our campus on Thursday 25 May. A wide range of topics was explored with our Grade 11 History learners:

  • Differences in Education in USA and RSA: subject choices; entrances to study courses;
  • The benefits and harms of single-sex education
  • The Fees Must Fall Campaign
  • Impact of Trump’s policies on the youth in the USA
  • SA youth responses to the South African political situation

Both the students and our History girls were enriched by the vibrant exchange of ideas and perspectives. See comments from Michael Lovern’s (Associate Professor: Social Studies Education) letter to Mr Gates:

“The exchange was insightful, to say the least, and in fact, my students later reflected with astonishment at the high intellectual articulations of the young women with whom they spoke.”

“As a result of our visit, and more specifically, the time and energy that Mr van Dyk and Ms Wills put into accommodating us, our students enjoyed an invaluable cultural exchange with the bright young women of Rustenburg Girls’ High School. I feel confident that each group learned a great deal about the backgrounds, life philosophies, and common aspirations of the other, and I can’t help but think that together and in our own little way, we all helped make the world a better place.”