Erinville Fancy Dress 2019

Fancy Dress: the day circled in a big red pen on every hostel girl’s calendar. On 12 September 2019 the Grade 11s created a special day dedicated to the matrics of this year.

This hostel tradition is old as time with themes ranging from Arabian Nights to Old Hollywood and Alice in Wonderland. This year’s theme was Romeo and Juliet or more specifically, Love in Verona. With bright fairy lights, white curtains and portraits of renaissance art, the Grade 11s completely transformed the Thomson Hall into a venue fit for a wedding.

The girls of Erinville Hostel form bonds that can only be described as a sisterhood. When they leave, our hearts break. Therefore, we plan this special day in honour of our hostel matrics. It’s our own special way to say goodbye to them.

Hostel matrics get to invite a teacher of their choice to Fancy Dress. This is usually a teacher who has impacted their life positively. The night is filled with decadent food, high heels, dresses and suits. It’s an intimate bonding experience for all hostel girls. A speech is given by the Head Girl in front of the staff. Once the teachers and staff leave, speeches are made by the younger grades for the matrics. These are a few incredibly emotional hours. It is hard saying goodbye to our older sisters leaving us (the younger grades) with their words of wisdom and everlasting sisterly love.

We would like to thank this year’ss Grade 11s for organising such an incredible night. Your hard work and dedication is much acknowledged and appreciated.

Article by Kumi Scott, Grade 10 in Erinville Hostel

Photographer: Amy Skinner