Eastern Cape Outreach Program 2019

On 16 June, thirteen Rustenburg girls set out to help bring some change to rural parts of the Eastern Cape. Accompanied by students from Rondebosch Boys’, Springfield, Herschel, Parel Vallei and Rhenish, we worked tirelessly for eight days at Tyali High School in the Kentani District of the Eastern Cape with our mission to help tutor and teach local Matric and Grade 11 students Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy, Accounting and Life Sciences. 

The annual Eastern Cape Outreach Programme helps to improve the marks of the local Matrics while making sure to give back to the community at the same time. 

By the end of our stay we were left with full hearts, having made friendships and bonds with the local students that will last longer than the distance that separates us. Our experience was a rich one and many lessons were learnt inside and outside of the classroom. An experience completely different to a life we find ourselves comfortably living daily was witnessed and left us all feeling incredibly grateful and aware of our privilege to be at the schools we attend. 

“Unezandla zombini. Omnye ukuzinceda, okwesibini ukunceda abanye “

“You have two hands. One to help yourself, the second to help others” 

Article and photographs by Lauren Gericke