Debating Update February 2017

The Juniors and Seniors have been training enthusiastically since late January under the expert coaching of Tamsin Metelerkamp (Juniors) and Jordan Pfotenhauer (Seniors).

In a friendly show-debate for the Juniors, we hosted Rondebosch Seniors in the Thomson Hall on Monday 13 February. They addressed the contentious motion: THIS HOUSE BELIEVES THAT SOCIAL NETWORK WEBSITES SHOULD MANIPULATE THE NEWSFEEDS OF THEIR USERS TO ENSURE THAT THEY ARE EXPOSED TO POLITICAL BELIEFS DIFFERENT TO THE ONES THEY HOLD.

It was an excellent first debate, which our Seniors (Kelly de Lucchi, Jade Smith and Mikayla Shaw) won by a whisker. The teams were definitely inspired by the support given to them by debaters from their respective schools.

The first round of the Rotary League starts on Monday 27 February against LEAP College at Rustenburg. We hope that all the debaters and other interested learners will come to support us.

The Juniors will start off our 2017 season at 18h30 by opposing the motion: THIS HOUSE WOULD CRIMINALISE DOPING IN SPORTS. This will be followed, at about 19h45, with the Seniors debating the motion:  THIS HOUSE BELIEVES THAT DEVELOPING NATIONS SHOULD PRIORITISE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OVER CONSERVATION OF THE ENVIRONMENT.