Debating Update 25 May

Saturday 20 May:  Debating tournament at Springfield

A number of our juniors took the opportunity of developing their debating skills by attending the tournament organised by Springfield. Our girls were put into mixed teams and had an enjoyable day sharing their skills and ideas with other debaters.

Monday 22 May: RGHS vs Cannon’s Creek

  • Both teams won their Round 5 Rotary League debates held at RGHS.
  • The Juniors (Zara Nijzink-Laurie, Jameelah Jardine and Shelby van der Watt) successfully opposed the motion: THIS HOUSE SUPPORTS A CONSTITUENCY BASED VOTING SYSTEM OVER A PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION SYSTEM IN SOUTH AFRICA. Shelby van der Watt was named Best junior speaker for the second debate in a row.
  • The Seniors (Katia da Silva Valente, Jade Smith and Mikayla Shaw) maintained a strong and united line of argument in proposing the motion: THIS HOUSE SUPPORTS THE CREATION OF SCHOOLS EXCLUSIVELY FOR LGBT INDIVIDUALS.


Our coaches, Tamsin Metelerkamp (Juniors) and Jordan Pfotenhauer (Seniors), have worked hard at developing both teams and reaped their rewards in the last three debates of the season. Both teams finished with 3 wins out of 5 debates.