Coding Workshop

A group of 14 girls and Mrs Cameron attended a coding workshop on Thursday 10 May.  It was hosted by CSG International and organised by Code for Cape Town.  The Introduction to Coding Workshop,  was the perfect opportunity for the Rustenburg girls to get an understanding about the coding revolution taking over our generation.

The girls learnt and used languages to code the web: HTML and jQuery. They were faced with challenging, problem-solving questions and the task of changing a website by altering the code. This gave the students a taste of what a career involving code would be like. The skills learnt will be implemented in the future as technological advances continue and code becomes a more predominant aspect in our lives through applications, toys, machines, kitchen appliances etc.

Jaime McGowan (Grade 9) had the following to say: “I enjoyed learning about some of the background work that produces applications and web pages that we use daily. It was fun to experience that challenge of coding and to get insight into what it is like to work as a computer programmer.”

A special thank you must be given to Code for Cape Town for hosting the workshop, and to Mrs Cameron for organising the girls to attend this fantastic opportunity.

Words by Zaina Abrahams and Mrs Cameron