Celebration of Creativity 2019

The Art and Design department held their annual Celebration of Creativity Exhibition opening on the evening of 15 August. The theme for the evening was to dress as your favourite artwork, artist or art movement. Many made a great effort with the likes of ”Frida Kahlo”, Vermeer’s “The girl with the pearl earring”, Rene Magritte’s “Son of Man” and the “Bauhaus”. The evening and exhibition celebrated, and paid tribute to Rustenburg’s amazing artists, photographers and designers who have worked so hard throughout the year to produce work of such a high standard. Guests were encouraged to show their appreciation by writing heartfelt affirmations and placing them next to the work.

The Grade 10 to 12 Visual Arts, Design and Photography learners spent the next day participating in workshops and listening to guest speakers as part of the Visual Arts and Design Seminar. Furniture and interior designer, Haldane Martin, spoke about his experiences as a designer in South Africa. Ruby Swinney, a full-time artist, explained how important it is to fail and to learn from the experience and how she always refers to past work when working on something new. Andrew Putter spoke eloquently about his art making process as a photographer and his passion for exploring history. After the lectures, the girls had a feast and then set off to the life drawing or printmaking workshops. The Celebration of Creativity festival was a great success and a huge thanks goes to the teachers who worked hard to make it happen.

Photos: Keona Missing, Jemma Cusens, Megan Cusens