67 minutes for Mandela Day

67 minutes. 67 minutes is 0.0127% of our year. It is not a lot of time, but it means so much to those we impact through it.

On Friday 14 June every class chose a unique way to give back to the community. The whole school, including staff, got busy doing something that will benefit those in need.

Rebecca Bank, a member of the Interact Society, had this to say: “67 minutes means a lot to everyone who participates. It is everyone putting their energy into it and that energy is going to be reciprocated. I think that it is such a wonderful experience to give back to communities who need it and to honour Mandela and his legacy. It is a beautiful thing and I am so happy to be a part of it.” 

I participated in E1’s bracelet-making for an NGO developed by Hannah Schaefer. This charity is called “Help Hannah Help Others (H3O)”. Bracelets are sold for R25 to raise money for “Think Twice”, an organisation that fights against child abuse.  E4 and A6 created care packages for “Ons Plek”; C5 organised a picnic for the ground staff; E5 knitted squares for Maitland College and Interact organised sandwich-making for those in need.

Tinika Navsaria in Grade 10 had this to say: “I thoroughly enjoyed making sandwiches with my peers on the matric quad. As we spread, we listened to some awesome music and “jammed”. Pun intended. Standing for 67 minutes in the freezing cold, we managed to make 4287 sandwiches which is incredible. I am so proud of all the Rustybugs that took the time and effort to make a difference today.”

It was incredible to see so many of the learners get involved with enthusiasm and pride. Well done and thank you to everyone who helped out with the various activities. 

Article by Zaina Abrahams

Photos by Nicole Oosthuizen, Jess McLachlan, Lauren Gericke