2018 Inter-house Forum Discussion Competition

All the adjudicators agreed that the audiences were the most appreciative and involved we have had in years. In addition, there was a definite improvement in the overall quality and content of the discussions held at this year’s competition, especially by the top two Senior teams.

Cambridge’s Junior Team (Talitha Kumi Scott; Clea De Klerk; Katherine Hendricks; Emma Irwin and Sarah Irwin) ensured that the topic: LIKE IT OR NOT, WINNING IS EVERYTHING, was discussed from a wide range of angles. The adjudicators were unanimous in their decision.

The Junior results were as follows;

  1. Cambridge: 74
  2. Innes: 58
  3. Marchand: 56
  4. Bleby: 45
  5. Michiel Vos: 41.

The Junior Speaker Awards [Adjudicators: Mrs D. Campbell (Chief), Ms J, Campbell, Ms P. Colly, Ms T. Scharneck] were as follows:

  • First Best Speaker: Sarah Irwin (Cambridge)
  • Second Best Speaker: Ghanaan Wicomb (Innes).
  • Third Best Speaker: Zeenat Ahmed-Mohamed (Innes)

It was so tight at the top in the senior section of the competition with a mere nine points separating first and second place. Innes’ speakers: Elizabeth Stevenson; Aviella Abrahams; Fozia Hendricks; Zahra Mohamed and Alida van der Merwe, were excellent in their delivery on the topic:  HUMAN RIGHTS ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS. However, it was the Michiel Vos team (Darian Cloete; Adwoa Danso; Talitha Wyne and Saige King), excellently chaired by Kristina Semmelink, whose more in-depth and fuller treatment of the topic: IN THESE TIMES MORE HARM IS DONE WITH WORDS THAN WEAPONS, that influenced the adjudicators’ final decision.

The Senior results were as follows:

  1. Michiel Vos: 253
  2. Innes: 244
  3. Bleby: 221
  4. Marchand: 210
  5. Cambridge: 209

The senior adjudicators [Mrs L. Mallon (Chief), Mrs J. Chambers, Ms R. Fourie and Mrs G. Wallace)] made the following awards:

Best Chairperson: Kristina Semmelink (Michiel Vos)

First Best Speaker: Darian Cloete (Michiel Vos)

Second Best Speaker: Elizabeth Stevenson (Innes).

Third Best speaker: Michelle Mouton


Mr C. van Dyk