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The budget for 2012 was presented to parents on 11 October 2011. Approval for the school fees for 2012 was obtained from those parents who were present at the meeting.

Over and above the payment of the salaries of 24 educators, the support from the Western Cape Education Department will be set at approximately R121 818 for 2012. This amount represents less than 1% of the school’s costs and as a result we have to rely on the parents to meet the remaining costs. In order to provide a school of excellence for our daughters, the SGB employs an additional 27 educators and 24 non educators (including admin staff, cleaners and ground staff). These salaries are paid from school fees and make up the bulk of the budget.

Major Capital Expenditure

The budget for 2012 only caters for minimal building repairs & maintenance expenditure amounting to R1,450,000 designed to replace or repair existing worn out facilities. The school requires a further R11,136,000 to move forward on projects in 2012 identified as being essential to keep Rustenburg at the standard we expect from the school. These projects include improving the parking and access roads in and out of the school, building new classrooms, upgrading the science laboratories, landscaping and general improvement of the school grounds. For this reason an additional voluntary capital development contribution of R1,000 per family was adopted at the budget meeting. The voluntary capital development contribution qualifies as a Section 18A donation and is therefore allowed as a deduction for income tax purposes.

Resolutions agreed to by the Parent Body at the Budget Meeting

  1. RGHS remains a fee paying school in terms of the SA Schools Act.
  2. The school fees for 2012 to be set at R27 000 per annum.
  3. That the hostel fees for 2012 be set as follows :
    • Local Boarders (living in the Western Cape) : R34 000 per annum
    • Out of province boarders : R40 000 per annum
  4. That the equitable criteria for the total, partial and conditional exemption of parents who are unable to pay the full fees, as set out in the SA Schools Act, be adopted.
  5. That a voluntary contribution of R1000 or any other amount per annum per family be adopted.
  6. That school fees paid in full by 31 December 2011 will attract a discount of R1500 and
    That school fees paid in full by 31 January 2012 will attract a discount of R1000.
  7. Approve preconditions for future development planning.
    Preconditions :
    • Maintain the open curriculum.
    • Maintain class sizes.
    • A management structure that facilitates efficiency and effectiveness.
    • Build new classrooms for Maths and Science.
    • Develop new sports facilities.
    • Move from small costly projects to large projects.
    • Build the reserves up to 25% of annual expenditure.
  8. Increase enrolment by approximately 30 per year from 2013 to reach 900 by 2017 to keep fees closer to inflation levels.
  9. Approve proposed Integrated Campus Development Plan as the medium to long term plan for the campus.
  10. Approve Phase 1 of the ICDP for implementation as soon as funds are available.

Details in respect of the above can be found at the links below:

Payment of Fees for 2012

Rustenburg High School for Girls is a compulsory fee paying school. Fees are set annually by the School Governing Body in consultation with the Principal and are reviewed on an annual basis after the school budget requirements have been determined. Fees are approved by a meeting of the parent body held in the 4th term each year, setting the fees for the following year. Each year, following the budget meeting, a letter from the Chairman of the SGB will inform the parents of the fees for the following year and set out the options for payment.

Payment Options

We encourage three payment options for parents. These are as follows:

  1. Payment in full on or before 31 December 2011 = R25 500
    (after discount of R1500 for early payment) The voluntary contribution has not been included
  2. Payment in full on or before 31 January 2012 = R26 000
    (after discount of R1 000 for early payment ) The voluntary contribution has not been included

    We are indebted to parents who choose to assist the school by paying their fees in advance as they assist the school in the following ways:

    • We are able to manage the challenging first months of the year when cash flow is tight.
    • We are able to earn interest on these amounts which contributes significantly to the budget
    • We are able to proceed with capital projects and purchasing educational equipment earlier in the year which results in significant savings in an inflationary climate and allows our girls to enjoy the benefits of the expenditure earlier in the year.
  3. Monthly debit orders of R2454.55 x 11 months = R27 000
    The voluntary contribution has not been included

We offer a debit order system for the duration of your daughter’s stay at Rustenburg (Authority Form attached). Please complete the attached Method of Payment and Debit Order forms, if applicable, and return them to the school office as soon as possible, but not later than Friday, 25 November 2011. If you are at present using this facility then it is not necessary for you to complete a new form for 2012.

The future of Rustenburg as a school of excellence depends on the sustained support and co-operation of all our parents. Our girls deserve no less.

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