Representative Council of Learners for 2010 electedRepresentative Council of Learners for 2010 elected

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The Representative Council of Learners (RCL) is a mandatory body, according to departmental requirements, and consists of fifteen learners – three from each grade. These girls have to be nominated formally for the position and deliver a manifesto speech to their grades, before being voted into their positions. The RCL forms a vital link between the staff and girls of Rustenburg and ensures effective all-round communication as all members act as direct spokespeople for their grade.

The 2010 RCL (pictured) are as follows:
Back row : Catherine Cogill, Rebecca Furlong, Magenta Graziani, Gladys Kisela, Jocelyn Foster, Morgan Shelly, Julia van Niekerk, Noxolo Mafu (Head of RCL), Imbileni Shatiwa (Deputy Head of RCL)
Front row : Gugu Mayosi, Caitlin Grunding, Gugu Hlope, Samantha Culligan, Samantha Fourie, Kayley Gordon

Ms B. Ryan, the teacher in charge of the RCL, said "We were very pleased with the large number of candidates who stood for the RCL this year, especially amongst the Grade 8 and Grade 11s. The candidates had all prepared very professional looking manifesto sheets which were up for all to read. On the Monday before the Election Day all the candidates were given a chance to make a short speech to their “constituents”. The calibre of the young ladies at Rustenburg never ceases to amaze me and the speeches were of a very high standard. The Grade 8s tended to be the most serious and the Grade 9s the most lively, with one candidate rapping. The Grade 11 speeches were probably the most earnest as their position carries over to Grade 12."

RCL representatives for 2010

Grade 8
Caitlin Gruning
Samantha Culligan
Morgan Shelly

Grade 9
Julia van Niekerk
Rebecca Furlong
Jocelyn Foster

Grade 10
Gugu Hlope
Magenta Graziani
Gladys Kisela

Grade 11
Catherine Cogill
Kayley Gordon
Gugu Mayosi

Grade 12
Noxolo Mafu
Imbeleni Shatiwa
Samantha Filby

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