Leadership Development

One of the key levers identified in a visioning workshop in 2009, was the importance of developing leadership skills in all our girls. Inventure SA (Lead 4 Life) was tasked with assisting us in setting up an exciting programme which starts in the Grade 8 year and is “stepped-up” annually, building on previous learning, in a carefully planned developmental framework.

Girls participate in a one-day workshop in Grade 8, an overnight camp in Grade 9, a one-day workshop in Grade 10, with the programme culminating in a three-day camp in Grade 11. This programme aims to ensure that learners are confident and well-prepared by the time they reach Grade 12 and assume leadership roles within the school.
The one-day workshops and camps are designed to include a focus on both personal, team and general leadership development through a series of dynamic indoor and outdoor activities, incorporating both theoretical and practical/experiential activities. These processes have been designed to provide maximum learning through personal introspection, group work and participation using challenging games and activities. They are also great fun and serve the added benefit of being an excellent Grade team builder and unifier!

Opportunities for leadership development