Sustainability and Eco Schools

Rustenburg Girls’ High School recognises the growing global trend to embed principles of a sustainable lifestyle into all spheres of an institution, and is taking meaningful action to incorporate these in the school syllabus and in the management of our campus.

Rustenburg is committed to caring for the environment and actively monitoring our water and energy consumption. Waste management and recycling initiatives are ongoing and we are carefully managing the consumption of goods and services. In 2014 Socius Consulting was contracted to do an overall Sustainability Overview of the whole campus. A Campus Sustainability Committee was established to address issues and initiate projects in the areas of waste, water, ecology, energy and consumption.

ecoschools-logoRustenburg registered for the Eco-Schools Programme in 2012 and joined a community of thousands of schools, around the world who are concerned enough about the environment to pro-actively care for it. Rustenburg was awarded an Eco-schools Green Flag in 2014 for working towards a healthy environment and whole school development. We were also awarded a Gold Award for working on four themes in 2015.

The school’s Earth Children Society and Eco-representatives create awareness around environmental issues and take community action through eco-friendly events and actions.

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